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Result of analysis about Fiber extracted from "Toner - MADRE LABS" 본문

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Result of analysis about Fiber extracted from "Toner - MADRE LABS"

하악화학 2015. 1. 27. 12:57

Original review by my wife.


It is unusual posting for me to analyse weird things in "Male-kind"

However, this case makes me in "The highest curiosity".


Let's start.


The case brief.

My wife bought a stuff called "Toner" (I do not know what it is actually) from

What I see normal liquid transparent cosmetics are not having solids inside

Thus I didn't have thought about the case



 Crystal Fibers inside!!!!


Till that time, it was suspected "Glass Fiber" because the shape and the hardness are quite similar in my experience.

Of course I was not sure, but "Suspected"


So I decided to analyse this

First, I need to know if it is Organic or Inorganic.

(Yes, my first guess was -Inorganic-)


Sampled in Plastic Zipper Bag with Picker Pinset.


Nicely collected - That is me :)


Contact to the FT-IR engineer and make a KBr pellet sample after grinding.


Sum- apparatus.

1. Machine : Spectrum GX (FT-IR)

2. Method : Transmittance by KBr pellet

3. DB search : Perkin Elmer embeded software







It is Organic. Obviously organic!


Matching peaks were being searched with "Max curiosity"


You may not have knowledge,  Black is "Fiber Sample" and Blue is "Reference"

In KBr plate, peak intensity is not precise enough to compare concentration for one part of chemical.




Benzoic Acid?


Perhaps similar chemical is in,


** Ingredients in the toner

Purified water (aqua), rosa damascena (rose) oil extract, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice*, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) extract*, gluconolactone¹, sodium benzoate², glycerin*, citrus grandis (grapefruit) seed extract, citric acid.

¹Plant-Derived Preservatives, ²Food-Grade Preservatives

*Organic Ingredients

Sodium Benzoate -- you are the likely one.


Use of Sodium Benzoate : Preservative (foods)




Crystal of Sodium Benzoate is not looking like fiber.



(Captured from Wikipedia)


Think about possible derivatives.

Is it really Benzoic acid??


Yes, more than 93% of Benzoic acid - by FT-IR.


 Let's see the shape of "Benzoic acid"



(Captured from Wikipedia)



Look at the photo above.....




Use of Benzoic Acid : Preservative (food)

+ Precursor to sodium benzoate and related preservatives



What would be the cause of Benzoic acid crystal?



(Captured from Wikipedia) Benzoic Acid


Solubility of Benzoic acid in "Water" is far less than in "Ethanol"

And WHY they put Sodium Benzoate (pre-form of Benzoic acid) as precipitated?




(Captured from Wikipedia) Sodium Benzoate

They may put Sodium Benzoate proper amount.

Water Solubility of Sodium Benzoate is hundreds of times higher than Benzoic Acid.


* Guess. one other ingredient may act as "Sodium scavenger" or "Exchange reaction of Na"



Look at the safety.


Even I am depending on the data from Wikipedia,

Safety data must be "Objective" in this case.


So, Sigma-aldrich (Pure Chemical Professionals) MSDS were choosen.


MSDS for Benzoic Acid.


 If you are not interested in full phrases, Just see below.




* It causes Serious eye damage.

* Respiratory irritation.


In contrast, Sodium Benzoate



See below, if no detail needed.

Serious eye irritation.

==> Not yet "Damage"







1. Toner precipitates that I reviewed is "Benzoic acid" more than 93% confidence leve.

2. "Sodium Benzoate" may change its form

    by other circumstance - suspected "Sodium scavenger"

3. This change is a bit more harmful to humanbeing

   - according to "Pure Chemicals" data.




When you see the precipitates, Waste it.





After got a news from "MADRE LABS" message, I would add comments below.


1. The concern is not about "need of Preservative function"

   This is saying MADRE LABS is not aware about disappering of

   Sodium from Sodium Benzoate when it comes slightly more harmful.

2. Even if MADRE LABS product is using Sodium Benzoate,

    why was "Solid Benzoic acid crystal" detected,

    not a "Sodium Benzoate crystal"?

3. "100% Benzoic acid crystal solid" is going to be at somebody's skin

   (particularly Close to eyes) and possibly attack eyes as residue later.

4. Safety measure for your "everyday life" should be considered. 


Technically, Preservatives are unavoidable in such a kind of product, however, formulation technology MUST cover worst cases with "Customer oriented mindset".


"MADRE LABS" can be a key word of search this posting from now on. (incl. Google)

Argue is welcome - leave message here, but no update after this.


-Add fin-





  • 프로필사진 하악화학 2015.03.08 11:09 신고 Madre Labs contacted and check if where I am is "Certified Lab" lol.
    Impurity of Madre Labs Toner is clearly RESULT OF "WRONG FORMULATION".
    마드레랩스 토너 이물을 보시고, 위에 올린 사진과 유사한게 들어있다면, 폐기하시는 것을 권장드립니다. 아무래도 혼합기술이 충분하다는 생각이 들지는 않네요
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